U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Subcontractor to ManTech International Corporation

Viper Analytics provides advanced analytical support to the Department of Homeland Security’s targeting enterprise to address complex challenges, especially counter transnational crime. Our support covers a broad sprectrum of technical solutions including geospatial and network analytics reliant on the fusion of numerous data sources.

U.S. Department of State

Subcontractor to Deloitte Consulting LLP

This multi-year project supported by Viper Analytics involves the fusion of solutions that apply emerging technologies to unleash insight from volumes of unstructured text.  Like all projects undertaken by Viper Analytics, we are using automation to make analysts and program officers more productive and efficient in their work.

Defense Information Systems Agency

Subcontractor to NT Concepts

Viper Analytics is proudly serving the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as a subcontractor to NT Concepts on the $17.5B Encore III IT Services contract.

U.S. Department of the Treasury


We employ advanced cost-benefit analysis techniques that involve full-scope automation and data quality measures.  In this instance, Viper Analytics extracted unstructured text from documents using optical character recognition (OCR) technologies, enriched the extracted data, and then used an analytics engine to generate logic-driven visuals for senior executives and managers working on contracting and small business programs.



One of the most challenging issues of modern times is how to disrupt supply chains of illicit commodities that line the pockets of extremist groups and transnational criminal organizations.  Our geospatial analytics support to PwC focused on heatmapping and emerging hot spot analysis of open source data to better identify illicit supply chains used by harmful non-state actors.

Esports One


Viper Analytics supports E1 with rapid application development.  Viper Analytics architected a high performance data management and web app solution built on OCR and vision technologies for enhancing competitive video gaming performance and completed a customized application for managing data from a wearable device to drive analytics that optimize performance.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Viper Analytics is not authorized to disclose this project.

U.S. Foreign Service Institute


Viper Analytics is responsible for training modules on innovation for American diplomats based overseas and domestically.  This training focuses on the intersection of emerging technologies and foreign affairs.  Our training modules address tough issues, including the impact of artificial intelligence on international labor markets and transportation policy.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance


NEPA Alliance calls on Viper Analytics to employ its expert-level knowledge of datamining federal contracting data.  Our custom ‘big data’ software solution illuminates unobvious relationships, bringing data to the real world in order to save research time and answer questions relevant to business analysts.