Viper Analytics performs a wide range of activities on structured and unstructured data in support of intelligence and law enforcement missions. Cleared personnel support your most sensitive and demanding tasks.

  • Develop solutions integrating social media platforms and feeds (FaceBook, Twitter)
  • Targeted web crawling, scraping, indexing, and analysis. Virtually all popular data formats supported (i.e., txt, html, pdf, doc, xls, images, json, etc)
  • Experts at integrating Natural Language Processing and Dynamic Language Translation
  • Proficient at Developing Complex Data Processing Pipelines
  • Rich History with Open Source Tools
  • Experience Developing Unique Ontology and Schema Designs
  • Metadata extraction
  • Skilled in integrating Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Real world experience in hostile theaters
  • Operational support for OCONUS decision makers
  • Link analysis and advanced visualization, including graphing

Viper Analytics enabled a customer to illuminate complex relationships in its data. (used with permission)

Custom analysis tool based on unique customer requirements. (used with permission)

Extracting social media data from Twitter, enriching it with Viper Analytics' data sets. (image used with permission)

Proof-of-Concept: Extracting metadata from a sample image obtained online and performing OCR

Using MITIE to perform NLP ops: tokenizing and extracting entities and relationships from news articles.